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Hello! My name is Lance Daniel Aulffo. I am a 4th generation Master refinisher specializing in furniture grade Grand entryway refinishing and antique door restoration. My great-grandfather started finishing and refinishing wood in 1907 Chieti, Italy. I am Hilton Head & Bluffton area's only craftsman solely dedicated to furniture grade front door refinishing. In 1987 the school bus would drop me off at my family's shop, where I started to learn my craft by refinishing furniture, doors and cabinetry. In the summers I would go full time on job sites for large projects such as estate refinishing and church restoration.

In 1992, after graduating high school, I went full-time working in the family business. Shortly after, in 1994, I launched my own business. I've had a unique opportunity to build my skill set by restoring entryways from 1700s, 1800s, 1900s, adapting to climate change, new products and seamlessly marrying wood refinishing with decorative painting. Decorative painting comes in very handy when an entryway existing finish has been removed and undesirable color variations are discovered in the various pieces of wood used to construct the entryway.

We've all heard the old saying about inconsistencies being..."The beauty of the wood" . This statement rings true seldomly.

This saying was made popular by lower level finishers who did not possess the knowledge of how to manipulate and change colors of individual boards used to create entryways, furniture, etc.

Over the years, I have developed and mastered a unique 17-phase, non-abrasive, multi-step procedure that is an unmatched furniture grade quality finish with unparalleled beauty and longevity. My process works well with any wood species, door style, size, veneer or solid wood.

I will personally transform your door from any weather/sun-beaten condition to a furniture grade, showroom quality entryway. I refinish all doors in place, no unsightly plastic or plywood where your front door should be. I can do about 90% of the refinish with the door shut. Only opening occasionally to do door edges. Also with my procedure, you will be able to lock your door immediately after each work day. Let’s face it your front door is a piece of furniture, it is an investment, it is the most visible decorative part of the exterior of your home. It is the first thing that your guests or potential home buyer will see. Let me personally treat it that way.

No one does more… for your front door!

I am also available to travel for unique and interesting projects.

Thank you

Lance Daniel Aulffo

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4th Generation Master Refinisher

Specializing in furniture grade
grand entryway refinishing
and antique door restoration.

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