No One Does More…
For Your Front Door

Hello! My name is Lance Daniel Aulffo. I am a 4th generation Master refinisher; carrying on the family business since 1907 Chieti, Italy. I am Hilton Head & Bluffton areas Craftsman solely dedicated to furniture grade front door refinishing. I’ve been refinishing doors for over 25 years. In those years I’ve developed and mastered a 17-step non-abrasive procedure which is unmatched by anyone in the area. My procedure works well with any wood species, door style, size, veneer or solid wood.

I will personally transform your door from any weather/sun-beaten condition to a furniture grade, showroom quality entryway. I refinish all doors in place, no unsightly plastic or plywood where your front door should be. I can do about 90% of the refinish with the door shut. Only opening occasionally to do door edges. Also with my procedure, you will be able to lock your door immediately after each work day.

Let’s face it your front door is a piece of furniture, it is an investment, it is the most visible decorative part of the exterior of your home. It is the first thing that your guests or potential home buyer will see. Let me personally treat it that way.

No one does more… for your front door!

Thanks, Lance Daniel Aulffo